Planning & Zoning

Planning for growth in our community is an important factor to ensure that we grow sustainable while protecting the charm, character and natural beauty that make Rabun County such a desirable place to live. 

Community, your voices are powerful. If you feel passionately about being heard in Rabun County and the city of Clayton, show up to public meetings….get involved! I’ve attached the Clayton Downtown Master Plan and the Rabun County Joint Comprehensive Plan to the right to get you started.

Currently, Rabun County and several of its municipalities have established formal planning and zoning boards. See below for link to the planning and zoning organizations for each municipality with a formalized planning commission:

    • City of Clayton’s Planning & Zoning Board: 1st Thurs. of every month,  5:30 p.m. @ City Hall


    • City Council: 3rd Tuesday of every month,  4 p.m. @ City Hall
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