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Incorporated in 1904, Tiger is located in Rabun County at the base of the prominent 2,856-foot peak of Tiger Mountain. The city is 1,962 feet above sea level. How the town got its name is a great dinner party conversation piece. One theory is that it was named after a Cherokee chief named Tiger Tail. Another theory is that the roars of roaming panthers wafted through the air to inspire the name. 

Some great local spots to visit located near Tiger are Tiger Mountain VineyardsStonewall Creek Vineyards, Hillside Orchard Farms or the classic Tiger Drive-In, one of only 349 drive-in theaters left in the world. 

Tiger is a great location for families of all shapes and sizes. The city is home to Rabun County’s public school complex and Wildcat Nation. It is also home to the county senior center, and assisted living center named Traces of Tiger.

If you’re looking for vacation homes, permanent homes or property for sale in Tiger, look below for what’s available or contact Sarah for upcoming listings.

Tiger, GA, Real Estate

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