Lake Rabun

Located in Lakemont within Rabun County, the 835-acre reservoir is one of six lakes that follow the original bed of the Tallulah River. These lakes are all formed by hydroelectric dams, owned and operated by Georgia Power Company, to produce energy for the city of Atlanta.

Despite its practical and sustainable existence, Lake Rabun has become a popular destination for Georgians to purchase their second home. 

Lake home owners often spend their summer weekends on the lake and look forward to Lake Rabun Association’s (LRA) annual Fourth of July Celebration featuring an antique wood boat parade, fireworks, mountain dancing and a 5k/10k road race. Philanthropy is also part of the lake’s focus as every other year, the LRA hosts an open-to-the-public tour of homes in which funds are raised for local scholarships, for example. 

At an elevation of 1689 feet, Lake Rabun is home to many summer day and night activities including jet skiing, tubing, fishing, cocktail cruising and sunset watching. It is also surrounded by 25 miles of shoreline, some of which is dedicated to the Lake Rabun Beach Recreation Area

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